past > 2010 > challenging the myth of the painter
challenging the myth of the painter
a group exhibition of 20 painters connected with 'presenteert', a pamphlet on painting

special event: wednesday 24 november 20.00 hrs

20:15 Introduction by Rimme Rypkema, arthistorian

20:20 Aquil Copier: about PRESENTeert

20:40 Michiel Hogenboom WeLikeArt more info see next page

21:00 Mischa Rakier Artists and writings:

21:20 Sander van Deurzen: Discovery of a Vermeer:

21:40 Questions

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opening: sunday 24 october 2010 from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs
curator aquil copier
exhibition runs until 5 december 2010