past > 2002 > eat quicksilver/ shit quicksand
‘eat quicksilver/ shit quicksand’
concept: mariëtte renssen
the link between mind, flesh and life is one of the thorniest problems confronting science and philosophy. in the visual arts this issue is often at the root of a struggle with physicality and the spirit of the imagination. the ambiguity between an artwork and the artist is a recurring phenomenon.
the physical laws governing the human body can change according to one’s own will and wishes. is the body able to self-regulate? does it have the power to make matter fluid, then coagulate? or is this just an illusion? read more
opening: friday 1 february 2002 from 18:00 to 20:00 hrs
location: five years, 40 underwood street, london uk
exhibition runs until 3 march 2002